PAGA System

The ZIZTEL Public Address & General Alarm System (PAGA) has been designed specifically for the Oil & Gas industry.

As with any life safety system the purpose is to deliver a product that is efficient, robust and resilient. Our systems extend from simple non duplicated single path architectures to complex fully duplicated redundant A+B N +2 solutions. The delivery includes bespoke project management and comprehensive documentation and drawings. Clients are welcome to attend the Factory Acceptance Testing. Full site support is available post delivery ensuring the system is commissioned to meet its full design potential and life cycle costs are minimised.

The features of the ZEST system include:

  • Energy Efficiency – consumes less power then conventional designs
  • Space Saving miniature 3 unit high power amplifier cassettes – significantly reduced 19 inch rack foot print.
  • Touch screen status display – rapid fault finding, remote supervision
  • Hot pluggable – rapid service / simplified maintenance
  • Configurable high security operating platform – mission critical life dependant applications
PA Rack

The above photos show some our our various products and software. Also shown is the ZAP10-02 unit undergoing IP testing

The ZEST PAGA System is specifically developed for use in aggressive operating industrial / marine environments including potentially hazardous atmospheres. ZEST is designed to reliably operate for extended periods of time and meets the strictest conditions specified by leading authorities including Bureau Veritas, ABS, RMRS and DNV.

The ZEST central equipment extends either loop based or radial / star wired field circuits to loudspeakers, flashing beacons and microphone access units where applicable. When loop wired cable architectures are specified the package automatically provisions automatic self healing capability to ensure uninterrupted service in event of field cable conductor discontinuities as well as automatically providing an early warning of any system deterioration.

The central rack allows optional connection to other site systems; examples include: - telephone PABX, VHF/UHF Radio systems, SCADA, Fire and Gas / ICSS, ESD Emergency shut down, Supervisory / fault reporting, Event Recording and Entertainment Systems.

Unlike our many of our competitors we believe that software should not be in the critical path of the design of a PAGA life safety system. The ZMIS PAGA management software is a flexible data acquisition module that is a bolt-on component to the PAGA package. This means that in the event of a software or network failure there will be no disruption to the operation of the PAGA system.

ZMIS is presented normally in the central rack on a touchscreen panel. It is very resilient designed by Bob Wilde our technical director backed up by his development team so the expertise is part of Ziztel and not an external sub contract.

A ZEST PAGA package can be supplied in a number of system architectures depending on site criticality:

  • A + B Fully Duplicated/Redundant A/B system
  • N+1, where key components are duplicated and configured on Hot-standby
  • N+2 where the entire central equipment hardware is fully duplicated on an on line / hot standby basis
  • A + B +N a combination of A+B and N+1 for ultimate system security

Recent new developments at Ziztel include our ZADS - Ziztel Addressable Speakers in the past intelligent speakers have had a bad name in the industry but we believe that our new innovative designs provide a robust and reliable solution to operators who are keen to remotely manage their PAGA systems

Petrobas PAGA Brazil

Duplicated A+B FPSO system destined for Brazil undergoes Factory Acceptance Test

Badra PAGA Iraq

Multi node fibre optic backboned system destined for Iraq at FAT