Hazardous Area Cameras
& Safe Area Weatherproof

ZIZCAM Hazardous Area Cameras are all certified to ATEX and IECEX Standards. All of our cameras are UK manufactured from AISI 316L Stainless Steel and all have been approved to IP68

Our Range

We have made it a priority to move technology forward in the design of our cameras. In ZIZCAM you will find a camera that is smaller and lighter than many of the competitor products. You will find a camera that has options for analogue like many of our competitors but in addition to that we have High Definition (HD) cameras and Ultra High Definition (UHD 4K) cameras.

ZIZCAM telemetry cards hold many of the CCTV protocols which means that our camera can be installed on brown field sites without recourse to the original manufacturer meaning clients can have significant budget savings

ZIZCAM can work with many different camera core manufacturers and have so far fitted the following cameras and protocols into our systems:

Fixed Standard Camera

Camera Range

ZCAM2 Range

Hazardous Area Camera

The package includes the ZCAM2 fixed camera, for static application, which provides high performance in daylight / low light colour and monochrome safety / surveillance monitoring in hazardous areas.

Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

Camera Range

ZCAM4 Range

Hazardous Area PTZ camera housing

Where a moveable wide area surveillance requirement is required the ZCAM range includes the ZCAM4 series of Pan / Tilt assemblies. These units are available with the same facilities as employed in the fixed camera range of cameras, providing the user with options for all daylight, lowlight and zero light surveillance requirements.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Camera Range


The Hazardous Area Thermal Imaging Fixed Camera

ZCAM3 models employ Infra red thermal imaging camera technology, enabling monitoring and surveillance in complete darkness, at night, in fog or smoke. In addition ZCAM3 can be used for detection of hot or cold objects and intruder/personnel detection.

Dual Imaging Camera

Camera Range

a. Hazardous Area

ZCAM2-DI is the Hazardous Area Thermal Imaging Fixed Camera

ZCAM2 models also include a dual imager option which provides both thermal imager and visible light camera in the same enclosure, for visual daylight / low light surveillance and zero light thermal imager monitoring.


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