EVA - 300

  • Fully automatically monitored – High Security, designed for life safety.
  • No break autonomy – Maintained service in event of primary A.C. mains supply disconnections.
  • Network Cable – Simple system expansion
  • Live speech, alarm and pre-recorded message broadcast capability

Emergency Broadcast

The EVA-300 school lockdown system is designed to allow authorised personnel to initiate unambiguous emergency voice and alarm tone warnings through the School in event of a lockdown situation.

The lockdown system delivers:

  • Live Speech
  • Pre-recorded voice messages
  • Alarm tones ensuring efficient and effective warning to all persons on the site.

The school lockdown system is also interfaced to the school telephone system meaning that any telephone can broadcast live speech across the speakers by dialling a prefix code. The system provides contact interface to Access Control System.

school lockdown systemlockdown alarms for schoolsziztel lockdown alarms for schools

EVA-300 School Lockdown System comprises of a compact wall mount enclosure which houses:- No break battery backed power supply.

Non-Emergency Features

The system can also be used by the school to perform non-urgent functions, such as:

  • Wet Play - Notification (voice message - can be tailored)
  • Paging of staff (or school nurse for special needs schools)
  • Panic Alarm for reception staff (can be tailored or discreet)
  • Integration of school bell system

EVA – 300 School Lockdown System Provides the Following Key Output Features

school lockdown alarm system by Ziztel

The dynamic lockdown system unit fascia carries a gooseneck microphone which allows the authorised operator to access the loudspeaker sets to deliver voice instructions on a 'Push to Talk' basis.

A mechanically protected lockdown alarm initiate key is fitted to the unit allowing an authorised person to initiate the lockdown alarm message / tone to all loudspeakers on the system. The loudspeakers are capable of delivering EVA-300 broadcasts at a sound pressure level of 115 dBA which enables typical coverage of 30 metres with 360˚ background noise of approximately 80 dBA. Loudspeakers are weatherproof enabling fitting in external or internal locations.

Partial Lockdown

During a partial lockdown, external doors will be locked. All staff will be informed of the situation through a discreet message ensuring that pupils are not alarmed, but agreed safety protocols can be followed.

Full Lockdown

During full lockdown, an audible alarm tone is initiated throughout the school and pupils and staff will immediately return to their designated lock down muster stations. Internal doors will then be closed and locked, and windows and blinds drawn. This will continue until the alarm stops and an ‘All Clear’ message is broadcast.

Site Wide Lockdown Broadcast System

Site Wide Lockdown Broadcast System


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