ZIZTEL datasheets are normally released with our quotations. Below are a sample of our datasheets for your reference. Please do not hesitate to email us for anything you do not see below.

PAGA Systems Datasheets

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PAGA - DS-308 Public Address and General Alarm / Main Broadcast System
PAGA - DS-010 ZX100 PAGA Management Node
PAGA - DS-011 350A Amplifier
PAGA - DS-001 PSM01 Power Management
PAGA - DS-213 350 - 500A Amplifier
PAGA - DS-012 350ASR Amplifier Subrack
PAGA - DS-313 350ASR-N2 Amplifier Subrack
PAGA - DS-004 ZAPSU-01 Power Supply Unit
PAGA - DS-137 ZAPSU-02 Power Supply Unit
PAGA - DS-034 Z+1 ACM 8 output duplicated Power Manager
PAGA - DS-065 Compact Power Supply
PAGA - DS-017 ZID08 I/O interface module
PAGA - DS-018 ZID08-34 I/O interface module
PAGA - DS-019 ZID08-34A I/O interface module
PAGA - DS-108 ZID08-34F+ I/O interface module
PAGA - DS-002 SLIC D Parallel output driver card
PAGA - DS-262 ZX100-NAS-01 Programmable Paging Chime
PAGA - DS-245 LTD002X Beacon Port expansion module
PAGA - DS-097 Ethernet SNMP interface module
PAGA - DS-028 ZLM08 Acoustic Feedback Eliminator
PAGA - DS-247 ZLMA-01 Local Loudspeaker muting unit
PAGA - DS-006 LTD002 Beacon Interface
PAGA - DS-207 LTD002S Beacon Network Termination Device
PAGA - DS-302 LTD011 Safe Area Beacon End of Line Device
PAGA - DS-025 LTD003 Loudspeaker Interface
PAGA - DS-021 LTD004 Microphone Access Unit Interface
PAGA - DS-303 SP001-4 GA Repeater Panel
PAGA - DS-033 LTD013 Post Amplifier Switch Termination Device
PAGA - DS-185 AP10-01 Safe Area Desk / Console Mount Talkback Station
PAGA - DS-197 AP10-02 Industrial Microphone Access Unit
PAGA - DS-061 ZAP10-02 Hazardous Area Access Panel
PAGA - DS-007 ZAP10-02-XX-88 Hazardous Area Access Panel
PAGA - DS-094 ZXM04 Message Store
PAGA - DS-174 ZXM32 Message Store
PAGA - DS-112 IAS RSC5T Safe Area Addressable Ceiling Loudspeaker
PAGA - DS-113 IAS-SAFE (IAS-SAFE-S) Safe Area Addressable Loudspeaker Out Station
PAGA - DS-114 IAS-EX (IAS-EX-S) Hazardous Area Addressable Loudspeaker
PAGA - DS-160 IAS ZLM-01P Loudspeaker Supervisory Out Station Module
PAGA - DS-015 Ziztel GUI PAGA Management Software
PAGA - DS-030 ZX100-ATS-01 N + 1 alarm tone module
PAGA - DS-104 Ziztel Duplicated A + B PAGA Architecture
PAGA - DS-091 Ziztel PAGA System Zest – Ziztel Energy Saving Technology
PAGA - DS-042 AP100-01 PAGA Microphone Access Panel
PAGA - DS-327 AP100-01 EX PAGA / MBS Microphone Access Panel
PAGA - DS-248 ZAP10-01 PAGA Access Unit Transceiver
PAGA - DS-027 MG400 Safe Area Microphone
PAGA - DS-217 LTD003-50 Loudspeaker Line Termination Device
PAGA - DS-098 LTD010EX Explosion Proof Loudspeaker End of Line Device
PAGA - DS-301 LTD010 Loudspeaker End of Line Device
PAGA - DS-242 LTD020 Access Unit Line Termination Device
PAGA - DS-243 AP10-02-XX-88 Industrial PAGA Access Unit
PAGA - DS-244 AP100-04 16 Zone PA Access Paging Panel
PAGA - DS-229 Ziztel PAGA System Zest
PAGA - DS-184 Ziztel PAGA System Zest – Pressurised Exp ATEX certified fully explosion proof solutions
PAGA - DS-233 PCAP-12 – Virtual PC Access Unit
PAGA - DS-321 PCAP-12-MX – Virtual PC PAGA Access Unit
PAGA - DS-322 TCWL2F Voice Recorder / Event Recorder
PAGA - DS-323 PAGA MBS MDF Cabinet
PAGA - DS-349 PAGA ATEX Certified Push Button
PAGA - DS-080 PB-600 600W Single Output Battery Charger

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Drillers Master Talk-Back Intercom Datasheets
Combined TalkBack Intercom / PAGA / Paging Datasheets
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DAS Distributed Amplifiers
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Entertainment Bedhead Units
Test Equipment Datasheets
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PAGA Field Equipment Datasheets

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Ziztel – DS-001 SPH 710T Speaker

Ziztel – DS-062 AH23-60079 Acoustic Telephone Hood
Ziztel – DS-167 AH23 Acoustic Telephone Hood
Ziztel – DS-045 AH23-60079 – R stainless steel liner Acoustic hood, electrostatic treated
Ziztel – DS-169 AH23-R Acoustic Telephone Hood
Ziztel – DS-231 AH26 Telephone Hood
Ziztel – DS-230 AH26-60079 Telephone Hood
Ziztel – DS-168 AH2-60079 Telephone Shelter
Ziztel – DS-170 AH2 Telephone Shelter
Ziztel – DS-324 AH24P Acoustic Telephone Booth
Ziztel – DS-318 AH-PED1 Acoustic Telephone Booth Pedestal
Ziztel – DS-326 LTD007 Radial Network Termination Device
Ziztel – DS-069 BPF-560T 6 Watt Ceiling Speaker
Ziztel – DS-191 BPF-560T-5 Safe Area Ceiling Speaker
Ziztel – DS-219 SPC-6FT 6 Watt Ceiling Speaker
Ziztel – DS-180 CL-6W 6 Watt Ceiling Speaker
Ziztel – DS-306 SAFE6T 6 Watt Cabinet Loudspeaker
Ziztel – DS-228 BA-56EExeN(T) Explosion Proof Ceiling Speaker
Ziztel – DS-249 BA-8EEXMNT Explosion Proof Loudspeaker
Ziztel – DS-155 BAREEX-36T Hazardous Area Ceiling Loudspeaker
Ziztel – DS-070 DSP-15EX 15 / 25 Watt Hazardous Area Horn Loudspeaker
Ziztel – DS-179 DSP-15-25EX Hazardous Area Speaker
Ziztel – DS-039 PH-10T 10 Watt Safe Area Speaker
Ziztel – DS-037 PH-20T 20 Watt Safe Area Speaker
Ziztel – DS-161 PH-25T 25 Watt Safe Area Speaker
Ziztel – DS-038 PH-30T 30 Watt Safe Area Speaker
Ziztel – DS-304 YS116H 6W Metal Ceiling Loudspeaker
Ziztel – DS-305 PS-225 10W Bi-Directional Loudspeaker
Ziztel – DS-131 SAFE-561T 6 Watt Safe Area Speaker
Ziztel – DS-198 SAFE-6TC 6 Watt Safe Area Speaker
Ziztel – DS-143 BEx T Explosion Proof Loudspeaker
Ziztel – DS-240 DHPDST40EX - ATEX ‘Projector’ Horn Loudspeaker
Ziztel – DS-239 DST100 - ‘Projector’ Horn Loudspeaker
Ziztel – DS-252 VT200 - 200 Watt Directional Loudspeaker
Ziztel – DS-215 SPH1125T - 25 Watt Re-Entrant Horn Loudspeaker
Ziztel – DS-319 SPH1140 - Re-Entrant Safe Area Projector Horn Loudspeaker
Ziztel – DS-273 SPH1140-HPSA Weatherproof Z-MEVA Horn Array
Ziztel – DS-269 PRO8 H - Safe Area Headset Microphone
Ziztel – DS-145 MMX - 2 Intercom Headset
Ziztel – DS-082 ZFL70-02 Beacon Twin Tube 21 Joule Safe Area Beacon
Ziztel – DS-089 ZFL70-01 Beacon Single Tube 11 Joule Safe Area Beacon
Ziztel – DS-250 ZFL21-M Weatherproof column flashing Beacon
Ziztel – DS-073 WV450X 21 Joule Hazardous Area Beacon
Ziztel – DS-278 ZFL75-M4 Multi Colour Xenon Beacon
Ziztel – DS-292 ZFL75 Xenon Beacon
Ziztel – DS-172 ZAB1-2 Beacon
Ziztel – DS-297 ZAB1-M2 EX Beacon
Ziztel – DS-298 ZAB1-M3 EX Beacon
Ziztel – DS-288 ZFL22X Beacon
Ziztel – DS-294 ZFL22L Beacon
Ziztel – DS-259 523-1 Ex Connector
Ziztel – DS-254 GRP-JB1 Safe Area GRP Junction Box
Ziztel – DS-255 GRP-JB2 Safe Area GRP Junction Box
Ziztel – DS-256 GRP-JB3 Safe Area GRP Junction Box
Ziztel – DS-257 GRP-JB4 Safe Area GRP Junction Box
Ziztel – DS-067 ATEX Certified Zone 1 Junction Box

Technical Bulletins
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CCTV Datasheets


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