Distributed PAGA for pipe lines and large on shore processing facilities

The PAWS 01-2-1000 is a three channel 1500 Watt PAGA amplifier outstation designed to drive groups of loudspeakers and flashing beacons on a distributed network basis. Interstation communication technology employs Ethernet IP connectivity coupled with Ziztel unique hot line direct fall back channelisation enabling the package to be used in life safety critical applications.

The scheme removes the physical limitations of conventional PAGA networks allowing the system to grow almost without boundaries. Touch screen HMI enable the operators to target broadcasts to selected areas of the site and an almost limitless capability to initiate menus of alarm tone / high definition stored messages on a priority basis.

PAWS 01-2-1000 Outstations shown during pre FAT preparation are interconnected by fibre optic cable enabling over 20 Kilometre inter cabinet separation.