Ziztel manufacture and deliver a range of fit for purpose cost effective systems to meet the exacting requirements of the marine communications market.


Ziztel recommend planned Preventative Maintenance on all of our systems to ensure performance and availability of the equipment at all times. Contract maintenance can be established to ensure support on a 365 day a year basis.

Remote maintenance support – Ziztel can also provide options for remote maintenance support. This can be by a permanent internet connection allowing us to supervise systems from our factory via Ziztel GUI Global. Alternatively systems can be connected only during remote diagnostics consultation, again using the Ziztel GUI package. This unique feature enables our clients to have immediate access to our engineering staff and provides the operator assurance of the ongoing performance and availability of the PAGA system.


Ziztel have a range of site service engineers mobilised from various parts of the world to support our international projects. Our highly skilled engineers provide installation supervision and system commissioning.