Hammar Mishrif Iraq

Ziztel have delivered a large networked ZEST PAGA system to the Hammar Mishrif site in Iraq. The system execution employs a fully duplicated mission critical high security architecture which features ZMIS supervision and management enabling remote control and interrogation. Unlike other PAGA systems on the market today the Ziztel ZEST core operation is static with no dependence on software / code which ensures compliance with the requirements of SIL Level 3 and is commensurate with a high integrity PAGA system.

The package features a ‘proper’ A + B architecture, note that IP based PAGA solutions alone cannot achieve a truly fault tolerant delivery compatible with a prime life safety system.

Ziztel on site Iraq, our engineer configuring a sector of the ZEST PAGA system. The ZEST solution is fully configurable and is NOT dependant on one time programmable chips

Cross patching incoming field lines into the MDF inside the ZEST PAGA rack, Ziztel provide site services including installation, pre commissioning, commissioning, SAT.

On site Operator PAGA training, location – telecommunications room.

Ziztel are able to provide acoustic study / reports to guarantee PAGA performance. Ziztel scope also included the design of the site acoustic coverage specifying loudspeaker type, wattage, positions to ensure Voice / Alarm audibility.
Acoustic broadcasts are supplemented by flashing beacons which are sized and positioned to ensure visual coverage