X Pan


Many sites are subject to requirement for expansion of their existing PAGA system, this can be very costly due to either complete re fit of the existing equipment(s) or non-competitive unrealistic quotations for upgrade / renovations from the respective vendor.

A cost effective alternative is available from Ziztel enabling retention of major parts of the established system and allowing the operator to have a choice.  The Ziztel X PAN-100 enables the operator to seamlessly interface his current PAGA package to a Ziztel system thereby taking advantage of the benefits of new technology within constraints of possible site expenditure.

The X PAN-100 enables safe and secure extension of almost any vendor’s PAGA system to a Ziztel package. The level of integration / expansion depends on site requirements and systems are tailored to suit the client technical / commercial specification and budget. The final package is designed to provide a fully supportable, maintainable and, most of all, safety critical solution.

The X PAN-100 sub system is already fitted, proven and commissioned on Middle East Petrochemical sites, saving considerably over the complete re installation of a replacement PAGA system