Ziztel Mass Evacuation (Z-MEVA) utilises a distributed clustered horn approach to drastically reduce field cabling and speed installation.

Ziztel ZEST PAGA Z-MEVA system uses ‘racked’ folded horn loudspeaker drivers arranged to provide highly efficient ‘line source’ projection over 360 degrees eliminating the requirement for costly conventional individual loudspeaker networks.

Towers are strategically located to ensure acoustic coverage over the entire site reducing costs by optimising the installation of field devices and associated cable installation. Each individual horn driver is addressable using Ziztel ZADS to provide the operator with an early warning of system deterioration and to allow convenient centralised alteration of speaker sound pressure level from a command position..

Multiple 350A 350 Watt Class G amplifiers drive each horn cluster on an interleaved A + B basis with hot standby N + 1 amplification  eliminating common mode failure and ensuring  security commensurate with a life safety system. 350A Amplifiers are centrally rack mounted or co located with the cluster at the base of the tower. The Ziztel MEVA system is designed specifically for life safety critical application and is not dependant on software ensuring predictable operation and freedom from re boots / latent coding bugs. The Z-MEVA package is fully PC configurable without dependency on chip exchanges or hardware alterations.

An acoustic study determines the number of tower positions and associated horn cluster composition required to ensure critical site wide PAGA broadcast audibility.