ZFL23X-L hazardous area / ZFL23-L weatherproof LED flashing beacon series

Ziztel leading edge technology LED based flashing beacons are specified for a Caspian project. The ZFL23X-L and 23-L incorporate multiple LED columns which provide 360 degree coverage. The LEDs are sequenced to deliver ‘attention getting’ intense bursts of light under control of an embedded FPGA which also ensures high efficiency. Wide operating voltage from 18 VDC -70 VDC and 90 – 254 VAC compensate for the detrimental effects of volt drop where long field cable lengths are required.
Ziztel manufacture a range of signalling products for industry including multi colour / multi tube xenon flashing beacons, combined visual / acoustic units, telephone initiate beacons. Contact Ziztel sales for product details.