Ziztel Muster Intercom-Emergency Communications Package

Ziztel DAS04Ex is a Zone 1 ATEX certified Explosion proof distributed intercom station which operates on a network basis thereby eliminating the requirement for a centralised exchange or switch. The unit is primarily intended to provide secure ‘last ditch’ open channel emergency voice communications between critical muster point positions on an offshore installation. To this end the unit incorporates self-contained integral no break supply autonomy, amplification and system management and is arranged so that there is no dependency on other equipment or other stations. The DAS01 Ex is supplied with ZAP10-02-11 explosion proof noise cancelling microphone and DSP15 EXMN explosion proof projector horn which together assure high speech intelligibility in potentially hazardous severe environmental conditions. Where the unit must provide efficient operation in ambient noise exceeding 85dBA sound pressure level the Ziztel AH23-60079 acoustic hood provides both excellent back ground noise rejection as well as additional shelter for both the equipment and user. The station is interconnected to other DAS04-Ex subscribers via a simple single pair cable which is arranged on a secure loop wired basis, up to 50 x DAS04-Ex stations can be connected to a single highway.