Ziztel SR2000 loudspeaker network amplifier

The Ziztel SR2000 loudspeaker network amplifier is the latest addition to the ZEST PAGA family; the unit carries up to nine audio power amplifiers in plug in / out modular format incorporating touch screen management and full system diagnostics in a highly compact 3 Unit high 19 inch rack mount assembly. The SR2000 is backward compatible with existing Ziztel equipment enabling use on conventional N + 1, A + B, A + B N/2 PAGA packages and also incorporates several new integrated features enabling cost effective use on sites requiring a distributed amplifier architecture. The SR2000 incorporates the highly developed ZMIS embedded application enabling remote interrogation and management by ZMIS Global from any Internet connected PC world wide. As with all Ziztel PAGA products the SR2000 is primarily designed for life safety critical applications.