Ziztel ZX100-ATS-01 N + 1 alarm tone module

Where high criticality PAGA is specified Ziztel can enhance system security by incorporation of the  N + 1 ZX100-ATS-01 hot standby alarm tone subsystem. This module carries a duplicate of the site alarm tone menu in a highly secure non-volatile, non-software dependant environment. Below are some sample sound files that can be played by the ZX100-ATS-01 N + 1 alarm tone module

The ZX100-ATS-01 plugs in to the central equipment ZX100 ZEST PAGA processor unit and is configured on an N + 1 basis to enable automatic transfer of loudspeaker amplifier drive from the on line ZX100 alarm tone sub system to hot standby alarm generation in event of primary alarm trouble. The module is configurable by PC file down load via a dongle protected cable which prevents unauthorised tampering. With ATS-01 installed, the host package can support both an A + B fully redundant dual centralised architecture coupled with additional N + 1 security for the site alarm tone generation subsystem.

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ZX100-ATS-01 plugs in to the main ZX100 PAGA processor unit motherboard.