The EU08-04 is an entertainment demodulator for use in an industrial application which is designed to receive entertainment audio from a LAN distribution system.


Stereo Headset Outlet – supplied with high quality headset

Integral Alarm Clock

Up to 16 x pre selectable VHF FM station channels – non-volatile storage

Low profile enclosure design – enables flush fit into shallow bulkheads

LED reading light – maintenance free Industrial pattern push button controls and rotary volume control – vandal resistant

The unit comprises of a compact ruggedized enclosure which houses an FM stereo receiver, alarm clock and reading light. An integral high performance speaker is incorporated which is muted when the external stereo headset socket is engaged. The receiver enables reception and storage of up to 16 x channels enabling rapid station selection as required by a single agile push button control input.

Channels are held in non-volatile memory guaranteeing that once assigned the station slot is held set throughout the life time of the product.

Public Address / Paging for up to 4 broadcast zones of addressThe Alarm clock is easily pre-set by robust fascia mounted programming programming push buttons which enable local time setting and user alarm trip points. The alarm is configured to deliver a strident tone to the integral entertainment loudspeaker.

A reading light is fitted with on/off selector switch. The light source is based on long life brilliant white LED technology which eliminates maintenance associated with fluorescent or incandescent light based sources.

The unit is designed for AC mains and can operate from a wide range of supply voltages and frequencies – 100 VAC to 240VAC, 50/60Hz consumption 12 VA.

A 0.5m cable tail is fitted to allow convenient local termination to a protected AC supply and a second 75 Ω coax cable tail connection is available on the rear of the unit to allow termination of the VHF FM input from the distribution system.

The enclosure is manufactured from mild steel which is passivated to eliminate corrosion and a brushed alloy fascia provides aesthetic finishing to the complete package.

View of EU08-04 shows a ‘flush fit’ enclosure designed to rebate into a bulkhead.