Zizcam is our range of high integrity cameras designed specifically for the harsh environments experienced in offshore marine or oil & gas industries.
Our cameras are manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel ensuring long life in even the harshest environments.

The CCTV Package

Ziztel are happy to support our clients whether it is supplying camera stations only or the full CCTV package. The full package would include:

  • Internal Cameras
  • External cameras with protective housings for Safe or Hazardous areas
  • Specialist cameras for long rage, high temperature or for specialised analytic functions
  • Video Management System
  • Network and Storage equipment


The Zizcam range includes explosion proof Ultra High Definition UHD (4K) camera modules; a first for the industry. The range also incorporates Dual Imager units (Thermal Imaging and High Definition IP) and high quality weatherproof systems.

Zizcam range facilities:

Construction from 316L Stainless Steel

IP68 Weatherproof

Temperature capability from -60C to +70C

Incorporation of High definition camera modules

Options to be fitted with Ultra High Definition 4K UHD camera modules

Standard telemetry protocols as well as embedded protocols of our leading competitors

Options for IP or dark fibre direct connectivity

Incorporation of Thermal Imaging camera in a single camera body

Options for infra red lamps (inside the main PTZ housing) able to operate effectively to 125 metres

Incorporation of Wash Wipe

Continuous 360degree rotation

AC/DC Power supply options

Small / Lightweight – easy to install & maintain


Monitoring, Detection & QUANTIFICATION

To detect gas leaks the industry has widely used acoustic gas detector sensors. However over the past decade technology in Gas Leak Detection using thermal imaging cameras has been advancing quickly. Until very recently the limits with this technology in Hazardous Areas was that it needed to use very expensive “cooled” thermal cameras that required regular calibration and that many systems were designed for portable use and not permanent installation.
Ziztel are very excited to announce that we have been part of the development of this technology using non-cooled cameras designed for permanent installation. We have a global partnership with FLIR systems who by many are regarding as the leader in this technology. Ziztel has now delivered multiple cameras stations for use around Gas Pipelines which will provide early warning detection of gas leaks. Leak rates detected are proven to be as low as 5 litres/minute. The cameras are also used at Compessor Stations, on larger plants Ziztel are supplying cameras on a Pan-Tilt mount which complete tours, detecting continuously at different preset locations. Once detected any leak will be alarmed automatically on the Fire & Gas Control System and operators alerted.